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Your best place to learn all things rug hooking.  All topics are covered here.  My premium courses get into depth on certain topics, but this is the best source for general information.  A new video gets posted every week!
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 Creative Stitches: Beyond the Loop (Valued At $397)
 Rug Hooking Journaling System  (Valued At $97)
 The Basics (technique and tips) (Valued At $497)
 2019 replays of Live! Lessons (Valued At $497)
 2018 replays of Live! Lessons (Valued At $497)
 2017 replays of Live! Lessons (Valued At $297)
 2016 replays of Live! Lessons (Valued At $97)
$190 a year or
$100 for 6 months or
$19 a month
 I can't help but gush about Cindi Gay's Rug Hooking Journey! I am pretty new to rug hooking and I have found it so enjoyable that I have been searching for information everywhere to learn more about this art form. I have bought books, been to wool shops, and, of course, been all over the internet. I watched some of the free videos on Cindi's website and decided to join The Rug Hooking Journey. It is a bonanza of information! Cindi is incredibly generous with her extensive knowledge and explains things thoroughly and clearly. And it is fantastic to be able to go back and look at each session whenever I want. I liked the Journey so much I signed up for the Color Planning course, as well. Cindi herself is such a joy and I appreciate her delightful personality and sense of humor. Her courses are an incredible value for the scope and quantity of information they offer.


7 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Look around, watch several lessons.  If The Rug Hooking Journey is not what you expected, get in touch.  Cancel future payments at any time while continuing to watch until your membership expires.
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